the litas
The Litas have launched in Auckland with their first ever New Zealand branch!!
We support a group of babes in Auckland who love two wheeled wild adventures on the open roads.
To join them head to thelitas.co and register to join the Auckland branch. It’s free, no obligations and all welcome!
Check them out on Instagram @thelitas_auckland

The Litas are an international network of babes who share a love for the open road and two wheeled machines.  We all have different backgrounds, interests, jobs, lives, but find common ground when we cruise the canyons, scraping pavement and letting go of all inhibitions.

We don’t distract ourselves judgement. In no way are we a gang or a club. We are ONLY a network of women who ride motorcycles. We don’t have presidents or a hierarchy.  We encourage all ladies to join us who are wanting to meet some bad ass, powerful women who love bikes just like you do. It doesn’t matter if you just bought your first bike or have been riding for 10 years.

The Litas have Branches around the world so that wherever we visit, we have sisters to swap stories and ride with.

As always,

Raise Hell, babes