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Motorcycle Servicing in Auckland

At Experience Motorcycles we offer quality servicing at the very highest level thanks to our professional expertise and ultramodern workshop equipment

Experience Motorcycles Service Centre

Our factory certified Service Department specializes in all things on two wheels. We are a full service shop which means we can take care of your routine maintenance, warrant of fitness, accessory installations, custom fabrication, warranty work, insurance repairs and more for your Motorcycles and Scooters. 


Book your service in today to experience our factory certified service department that specializes in everything two wheels.

Motorcycle Servicing Available – Book Now!

General Periodic Maintenance

Trophy, Tiger Explorer, Tiger Explorer XC, Rocket III, Rocket III Classic, Rocket III Touring and Rocket III Roadster
First service at 800kms then every 16,000kms or annually, whichever comes first

All other models
First service at 800kms then every 10,000kms or annually, whichever comes first

First service at 1,000kms then every 10,000kms or annually, whichever comes first

First service at 300kms, Second service at 1,000kms then every 3000kms or annually, whichever comes first


Service Dept

Service Manager

09 845 5950

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